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Mega Melt halite rock salt is produced at our suppliers Lyons, Kansas salt mine. This fast-acting, snow and ice melter is economical and easy to apply. Mega Melt leaves no oily residue, either.
Halite rock salt is the naturally occurring mineral form of sodium chloride, or NaCL. Like many of Iceman Industries Inc's other deicing salts, the isometric halite crystals that become Mega Melt are extracted from one of the Midwest's richest beds of evaporates. Mechanized mining employs mobile equipment and conveyors to blast, load and move the halite rock salt to the surface. Particles are then crushed and screened to specifications to provide Mega Melt's signature melting properties.
Sodium chloride melts ice at temperatures down to its eutectic point of -6° F (-21° C). And because the most important variable of a deicer's effectiveness is not air temperature but pavement temperature, rock salt continues to be an effective deicer in many US locations through most of the winter season.
Mega Melt halite rock salt is available in 50-pound poly and can be shipped throughout the Midwest .

Need more on Mega Melt halite rock salt? See the Mega Melt product brochure or spec sheet. Looking for other deicers or information on dust control / soil erosion? Review our other high-performing Products.


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