Magnesium Chloride Deicer

Absolute Zero

MeltDown® Absolute Zero

Magnesium chloride deicing/anti-icing prills

Effective at low temperatures, MeltDown® Absolute Zero is an environmentally friendly, low-corrosion deicer that clears ice and snow from walkways, driveways, parking lots and roadways.

A 100 percent magnesium chloride hexahydrate, MeltDown Absolute Zero is an effective deicer created with a unique brine formula and natural solar evaporation procedure. This natural process produces one of the highest-quality, cost-effective, environmentally friendly deicing products in the world.

MeltDown Absolute Zero's strong agroscopic action helps it pull moisture from the air to initiate melting. This critical ability to quickly attracts moisture and form a liquid at sub-zero temperatures makes MeltDown Absolute Zero a superior deicer.

Studies have also shown MeltDown Absolute Zero to be significantly less corrosive than calcium chloride and other widely used deicing products. It's your choice when your concern for safety is coupled with concern for the environment.

Need more on MeltDown Absolute Zero? See the MeltDown Absolute Zero product brochure or spec sheet. Looking for other deicers or information on dust control / soil erosion? Review our other high-performing Products.


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